Monday, February 08, 2010

Welcome to the lair

It has come to my attention that my blog has acquired a follower: NeroFiddled. Well, hello, there! That brings my official blog follower numbers to one.

This development both excites and alarms me. I had always assumed that friends were the main consumers of my blog, but now, with a stranger in the fold, and an American to boot, I'm hesitant about the content of my future blog entries. The last time I had an American follower, he was a Californian who gave up reading my blog when it became apparent that it was mainly about things he couldn't relate to, like the cold, Canadian businesses that screw me over, and CBC Radio.

It is heartening to see that NeroFiddled probably found me through my friend's blog, Beer is the Reason, and not the most common search term that funnels readers to my blog, "hentai robots".

I see that you're into art, NeroFiddled, which will be easy to cater to because I love art. Feel free to request other topics for me to wax poetic about, especially if you have a keen interest in my self-improvement, Toronto, or Canadian businesses that screw me over.

Let me now state for the record that I will single out each and every one of my future blog followers, creepily researching their interests using Google, in order to keep them satisfied. You have been warned.


NeroFiddled said...

Ahhh, damn! Another blog that's NOT about internet addiction in China!

- kidding - but here's an interesting article...

Thanks for the welcome :)

Flocons said...

Does this mean you will stop blogging about hentai robots? Because if you do, I'll go elsewhere to get my fix.

Jason said...

Do you know, that being the fool that I am, that I googled "hentai robots" while at work? Sheesh. I should have known better.