Friday, April 20, 2007

Watch me sleep

It is only my third week of work and already, I'm getting lackadaisical. Instead of getting a full night's sleep during the past week so that I look peppy and smart, I have been staying up late, reading the classic graphic novel, The Watchmen. My friend, Stephen lent it to me last Sunday and, reading it every night, I finally finished it on Thursday. Part of the reason it took so long was because I refused to forgo my steady diet of terrible prime time television. As a result, I read late at night until dialogue ceased making sense.

The other reason why it took so long to finish The Watchmen is because it's thick like gravy. When creator, Alan Moore claimed that he was aiming for "a superhero Moby Dick; something that had that sort of weight, that sort of density," he wasn't kidding. The complex storyline and characters forced my reading to a snail's pace in order to absorb every nasty, ruthless detail.

I was also impressed that a 20 year old comic book has aged so well. There is an absence of embarrassing 80s fashions and cringe-inducing slang. I did initially complain about the drawing style, which is less easy on the eyes than those of contemporary comic books, but it fits the nature of the story.

The short of it is that I really enjoyed The Watchmen and highly recommend it. Now, a full weekend to recover on sleep and enjoy some free and live violence: UFC 70 Nations Collide.

Eye Get Out:
On the right is evidence that I have a secret need to play slots. I was amazed that three models of Volkswagens pulled up at the lights in a neat lineup: a Golf, a Jetta and a Beetle. What are the odds? I took a photo and the woman standing beside me at the TTC stop looked perplexed and a little concerned.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random points of interest

Two weeks into my new job and I have not been fired. In fact, I have been enjoying myself - especially when I signed up for the "Rolls Royce of pension plans". I have not been coherent enough for a long form entry but here are some random thoughts.

What you see above is the line up for Toonie Tuesday at KFC, when you can get two pieces of greasy chicken with some greasy fries for $2.49. The line up crossed the width of the food court. Previously, I had thought that the media were preaching to the converted in their repeat focus on Canadian obesity. I was wrong. Price trumps nutrition any day. Bring on the fried Grade F tripe!

This sake brand is obviously not even trying to market itself beyond the lonely housewife demographic. Can you imagine the average Japanese salaryman ordering the "lovely pink bottle" while out with the boys?

Here is a trio of little ladies: Tiffany in the pink, Bowie in the yellow and Suhaila being doted on. Whereas other people see "cute", I see a variation on Y: The Last Man.

I saw a CBC documentary recently that explored an Aboriginal Reservation located near a toxic dump. Since being tranplanted there, the community has experienced an unprecedented number of girls being born versus boys. The predominance of female babies has caused concern amongst researchers who point to the toxic dump as the probable cause for this phenomenon.

As I look at all the little girls I know: Tiffany, Bowie, Suhaila, Rachel, and Ava, I can't help but think that I know too many of them. What has happened to the little boys? Will supply and demand drive our little girls to lesbianism or the nunnery.

Luckily, China's one child policy and preference for boys will save the world population. All our excess Canadian girls will oneday be able to marry a bunch of Chinese boys 20 years their senior who, nonetheless, will still be playing the video games their parents lovingly bought "their little emperor".

Finally, I would like to express my excitement at finding some new music that I enjoy. Admittedly, most of my selections have a retro feel to them, but nothing is more pathetic than a person who complains that music isn't as good as it used to be. That's like one foot in the retirement home.

Please check out:
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Tracey Thorn - Out of the Woods

Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds (Okay, Justin is a guilty pleasure that would be much more pleasant if Justin wore a paper bag over his head. But "My Love" makes me shake my junk!)